Frank O’Neill began writing in his teens. At 20, he hitchhiked to California and eventually landed a job as West Coast music writer for GQ Scene, an Esquire magazine for teenage boys. Later, he traveled extensively in Mexico and Central and South America, writing for stateside magazines, teaching English as a second language and trying to stay out of the way of drug dealers, revolutionaries and rogue governments.


In 1992 he started his own business magazine, which he sold seven years ago so he could get back to his first love — writing fiction. Georgia Bound, which one reviewer called "this season's best page turner", is the latest effort in that journey.

O’Neill is currently working on a new novel, a fictional account of the last days of Anastasio Somoza, the former dictator of Nicaragua. It's loosely based on his experiences back in the late 70s, when he spent a night in a Nicaraguan prison.