Pine Hill had always been a sleepy town in the foothills of the Appalachians until mill owner Jed Norton dies in his mistress' bed. At first it looks like a heart attack, but an autopsy reveals something far more shocking. Georgia Bound is a heart-stopping tale of murder and mayhem with an ending that's sheer surprise.

Jack Monahan, a tough reporter who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, finds himself entangled in the eeriest murder mystery of his career, one that nearly gets him killed and challenges all his beliefs in science and rational behavior.

As the bodies begin dropping like flies in a cold snap, Monahan’s quest to find out what’s going on takes him on a wild odyssey from North Georgia to West Africa, South America, Italy and the South Carolina lowcountry. The suspects include a Gullah witch doctor with magical powers, the dead man’s long-abused wife, a rival mill owner who breeds race horses and man-eating piranhas, the dead man’s vengeful mistress, the corrupt sheriff, the local drug dealer and a famous televangelist who’s involved with the dead mill owner’s wife.


Reviewer Sandy Penny of says Georgia Bound has “a cast of characters that will make you laugh while it scares the bejeezus out of you. You'll be looking back at all the latest news headlines with a more suspicious eye after Jack Monahan starts poking around in your head. I highly recommend it and plan to read more of Frank's work as it arrives.”


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